MagWin Lite

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MagWin Lite is a very simple to use alternative to MagWin.  It offers scaled down options found in MagWin standard or MagWin USB for a reduced and affordable cost to you.MagWin Lite 





Magnification Levels


MagWin Lite offers an magnification ranging from 1.5 up to 4x. You can increase the magnification in .25 increments at a time to find just the right size for you.


Zooming Modes


MagWin Lite offers two magnification modes, full screen and window.




Mouse Enhancements


If you've ever struggled to find your mouse on the screen then you'll love MagWin Lite's ability to customize your mouse.  MagWin Lite offers two mouse sizes, regular and large.



Compare Products

  MagWin USB MagWin CD MagWin Lite
Magnification Range 1x-36x 1x-36x 1x-4x
Zoom Window Types 8 8 2
Color Enhancements Checked Checked  
Font Smoothing Checked Checked  
Focus Tracking Checked Checked  
Mouse Size Checked Checked Checked
Mouse Color Checked Checked  
Caret Location Checked Checked  
Zoom Scroll Bars Checked Checked  
Speech Checked Checked  
USB Checked    
Portable - More than one computer Checked